What is NinS

What is "Nature in Schools and Schools in Protected Areas"?

  • An initiative to substantiate a national education programme on the importance of nature conservation, performed in a partnership with 16 partners, national and natural parks, Natura 2000 sites;
  • An opportunity to participate in ecological education camps and to interact with children in local communities of protected areas.
  • A way to promote protected areas by using the "Children's Passport in Protected Areas".

How are we going to do this?

  • We will substantiate a national education programme regarding the importance of nature conservation in the context of sustainable development using "Children's Passport in Protected Areas" in at least 15 national parks, natural parks and Natura 2000 sites in the first 18 months of the project.
  • We will improve the opportunities to adopt and implement ecological education programmes within the national education system by creating the "Virtual Library of Nature" and strengthening the capacity of at least 45 persons to provide education for nature programmes during the project implementation period.
  • We will raise the information level of at least 1100 children on the importance of protected areas for sustainable development, by means of 5 Junior Ranger camps and demonstrative lessons in at least 75 classes during the project implementation period.

When are we going to do this?

Starting March 2014 until the end of April 2016.

Who are we?

ProPark – the Foundation for Protected Areas was established in 2008 to support protected areas in Romania by improving their management capacity both through professional training programmes and through projects which contribute to maintaining the natural and cultural values and creating functional models of protected areas.

We aim to raise the awareness and education of children and young people on the importance of natural protected areas, of nature conservation in general, thus preparing them for activities in these areas either on a voluntary basis or even as potential employees in relevant fields.

The Ecouri Verzi Association is an environmental protection association and mountaineering club in Cluj-Napoca, with more than 80 members who are specialists in natural sciences, nature conservation, heritage interpretation, responsible tourism, as well as members with other specialisations but who are passionate with nature.

The organisation is custodian of two protected areas in Transylvania - Somesul Rece and Podisul Secaselor. Since 2009 Ecouri Verzi has been developing the „Nature Club”, a free education for nature programme for children in Cluj-Napoca. The programme was also developed in Bucharest for five years. The organisation also performs educational activities in schools, having worked so far with a network of more than 50 schools in the rural and urban environment. The educational activities target even children with hearing or sight impairments.

Ecouri Verzi works with volunteers and local communities for the maintenance and creation of marked hiking paths in the Carpathian Mountains. The association develops one of the most popular and efficient volunteering programmes in the country, called "Potecatorii" ("The Path Makers"). Hundreds of volunteers have worked within this project at more than 120 km of paths only in the last year. The organisation has an extended network of collaborators and volunteers and has a significant presence in social media, with a group of more than 13,500 members.

Ecouri Verzi Association is a member of the Ecotourism Association in Romania and the National Environmental Coalition in Romania, as well as of the international "Youth and Environment Europe" and "Central and Eastern European Web for Biodiversity".

Funding organizations

Through the EEA grants and the Norwegian grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to reducing social and economic inequalities and to consolidating bilateral relationships with European beneficiary countries. The three countries cooperate closely with the EU through the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement.

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The project aim was to contribute with innovative solutions to raising citizens' awareness and information nationwide about environmental issues in general but mainly about the role of protected areas in sustainable development.

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The main results expected from the project "Nature in Schools and Schools in Protected Areas" are...

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